The Alien King With His Ghosts and Scepters

This fractal made in Apophysis 2.09 shows us this alien king at war, defending his star system, yet not alone ... above him, the ghost of his father, with his crown of ethereal fire, yet rides. Around them, in a cloud of energy, one may look back into the ages ... the faces and crowns of of the spirits of their royal ancestors come with them. The king holds the scepters of both his father and himself at the ends of his mighty arms, and all around himself and his father, the spectral scepters of their ancestors radiate like rays of their star system's sun, and of nearly that same power. He is the most powerful being you will meet in his galactic vicinity until his son ascends to his place, and he ascends to his father's! Read more
Collection: Visions of the Galaxy's Other Minds
Total Edition(s): 8
List Price: 75 SWAP.HIVE