Octopus Chibi

The design I present to you today, is inspired by the sensuality and tenderness at the same time, in the sea, an octopus with an unusual skin coloring, I inverted the colors of the sea and the octopus to give it those unique and rare touches. The unlockable consists of the image but in PNG format of transparencies, which you can either integrate other backgrounds or use it to print on surfaces such as mugs, glasses, girl's flannels. Endless ideas, it looks like a character from a children's story. The design is made in the program Medibang Paint Pro and graphic tablet HUION model 420. Worked on a canvas of 2300 pixels by 1600 Pixels and 600 dpi. Unique work. 1 edition

Collection: Chibi art - caricature

Creator:  @equipodelta

Total Edition(s): 1