"Act on the path"

"It was a random conversation. My interlocutor thought I was his father, noting my spiritual name. The guy was running a YouTube channel, was into esotericism, was looking for his spiritual path and about six months ago I subscribed to his channel as well as other social networks. His arguments seemed to me quite logical, he told interestingly, although I had different views on some topics. And then he writes to me on social and asks me if we are related? The conversation develops into a kind of dialogue, in the course of which I give him advice on the right thing to do, on how best to act on the path of spiritual development. He begins to suspect me of not being sincere and thinks that I am a front man sent by his father. Also, he says that I am communicating with him, from a position of power and as if from above. This seemed legitimate to me, because I am older than him and it's as if he is at the beginning of his path and I am further along. He was telling me that he wanted to help people, telling that a lot of energies were going through him the last few days. He ended up feeling like I was his handler. It was a strange exchange of energies, we never knew each other, he doesn't know anything about me except what I show on social networks. I thought the whole thing was funny, I called him Bro, he was sure I was his relative, or spiritual advisor. It was like meeting in another space, two completely different souls going their separate ways" Read more
Collection: Orpheus 1
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