Adam's first wife. They are created from the same clay. They are created in pairs and live in god's paradise. Until Lilith rebelled .. This is not a happy union. Adam always wants to be superior to women. And Lilith can't make sense to that. He speaks the forbidden name of God and is expelled from heaven. And Lilith is now down to earth. He had a relationship with the king of the demons and gave birth to jinn children… He gave birth to 100 children a day… And evil spreads in the world. Adam is so lonely and Lilith begs God to come back. . Lilith is cursed. If he returns to Adam, his 100 children will die every day. Lilith hates any child born with this curse ... " Read more
Collection: Legends
Total Edition(s): 4
List Price: 1000 SWAP.HIVE