The Night Gate V1

Creator: @jacuzzi
The gate that opens to a new world shines bright in the evening light. This is a Photoshop collage from 4 different images taken. To me, it represents pathway between one world and the next, from stepping out from shadow into the light, passing from this world to the next. The full-size image is 3004 px by 3005 px (41.722 inches x 41.736 inches at 72 DPI) You should be able to print this out and have it look good at poster size for any prints you may wish. Please note, the thumbnail image has black bars on the left and right. This is to make it appear correct and not squished, NFT showroom requests the size of 760x600px, the final image however does not have the black bars and is more of a square format ( 3004 px by 3005 px ) . Read more
Collection: Distressed World
Total Edition(s): 4
List Price: 75 SWAP.HIVE