DCity Bath Salts Zombie 🧟

I created "DCity Bath Salts Zombie" because every DCity needs a little risk and excitement. What better way to bring some risk and excitement into your town than your bath salts zombie? Many large cities have unemployment problems, and this card will help to solve that problem, because every "Bath Salts Zombie" decreases your city's population by 5. This DCitizen is not totally unproductive though. In between eating faces, he manages to hustle up some odd-jobs here and there, adding an net income of 1 to your city. If education and unemployment levels are low, there is a chance you have a "Bath Salts Zombie" visit your DCity. 🧟🏙️ Note: This digital artwork is for entertainment purposes only and can't be used within the DCity.io. It was created in GIMP Image Editing Software. Read more
Collection: DCity Art
Total Edition(s): 1