Giant Frog- The Drawing Process

This is the process version of Giant Frog Illustration (30 editions). This art token has 5 editions only. The sun was setting and the leaves and twigs danced in the wind breeze. The magic forest awoke with a start of crickets and swallows singing. The trees glowed softly with a purple tint and giant creature finally woke more it's winter slumber... It stretched its limbs and took a deep breath, its stomach rumbling. It hadn't eaten since autumn and it was mighty hungry. Out of the bushes jumped out a deer, the giant frog observed it curiously. The deer was momentarily stunned, but it continued it gallop deeper into the forest. The frog sighed and looked around for its next meal. About the art After roughly marking the shapes and composition, I used color balance adjustments. I started with bigger brush and scaled it down for the next layer of details. I changed the human figure to a deer, because it felt more natural. I needed a well known element to make it clear that the frog is actually huge (or it's a tiny deer).

Collection: 30 min Drawings

Creator:  @kristyglas

Total Edition(s): 5

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