Julia and the Red Fox

Creator: @litguru
"Like any normal girl, Julia should have been rather surprised to see a red fox outside the window, but Julia wasn’t a normal girl. For the past month, she had been practicing lucid dreaming and become quite adept at differentiating between the real and dream worlds. The trick was to notice something unusual and ask yourself the question: is this reality or is this a dream? Seeing a fox peeking through her window was rather unusual, and she did not have to ask herself the question to know that she was awake inside a dream." Julia and the Red Fox (https://peakd.com/hive-170798/@litguru/julia-and-the-red-fox-late-edition-remix) by@litguru. I sketched this image to accompany my short story Julia and the Red Fox, which I published in my hive blog (https://hive.blog/@litguru). I first sketched the image with a pencil, then a fountain pen, and finally a set of alcohol based markers. I tried to capture the near-psychedelic quality of dreams, which is often spectral and vivid. The stats for the image are the following: File Type: JPEG, Dimensions: 446 × 616 pixels, Size: 233.6 kB, Original Medium: Alcohol Markers, Number of pixels: 274736. In addition to the painting, I've added an unlockable PDF file containing the image and the short story. Enjoy! Read more
Collection: Young Adult
Total Edition(s): 5
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