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Alone Flowers

Creator: @manclar
In this painting I represent my loneliness in the tree that is at the top of the hill receiving the moonlight and looking at the sea, drawing it as my oasis, my safe place, my place of peace that I value so much. I share with you my creative process for this nft: The first thing I do is start by drawing the foliage of the flowers that will be ahead, at the bottom of the mountain, and I have decided to organize everything in layers so I can have better control and be able to modify it to my liking later if necessary. I place some foliage, with a brief dithering effect to represent the leaves. I draw the light source which is the moon, putting special care in the details of the dithering and I also make the cliff with a bonsai style tree on it. I add a dithering effect to the edge of the mountain that doesn't quite convince me, I'll see if I modify it later. I add the clouds creating a pattern with dithering to distinguish my own style of clouds, making them in a different way. I add the sea to the composition, with some waves to create an effect of depth. To finish, I make the reflection of the moon, applying the technique of copying the pattern and inverting it, making details in the water and placing an opacity in order to create the corresponding effect. I decide that I don't want those flowers because I dislike them and I change my mind by drawing a bonsai, which I feel represents me better. I draw the sky in 3 different layers with a gradient effect, and on this occasion I manually added the stars respecting the colors according to their distance, making them dark and light according to the proximity of the light. I add my signature creating a nebula-like effect on it, to blend it with the background, and add my logo in one corner of the art. Hope you appreciate it.
Collection: Landscapes
Total Edition(s): 7
List Price: 3 SWAP.HIVE


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