Honors to the Lagoon

Tribute to the Lagoon of Grado (Italy) where everything takes inspiration and life with Orfeo. Digital art reworked from my artistic collection "Orfeo Artistic Tastings" "Orfeo represents the soul of imaginary, contemplative, trascendent and optimistic character with quite a vital energy. Orfeo's wine represents the blood and the ancient origin of the history of humanity. Orfeo is the feeling of my (our) being in vibration with our own intuition. He does not have a face because our soul doesn't need a mask. He does not have a mouth to speak nevertheless he can communicate. He does not have ears to listen but he can hear you.. He does not have eyes to see but he give us a viewing of the unseer. While I'm asking myself if the eyes are a mirror of our soul, I answer myself: Orfeo is indeed a soul without mirrors, a soul which is in harmony with the eyes that are watching him". Marco Stocco . JPG - 7 MB - 2992 X 4220 px Read more
Collection: Orfeo Art Tastings
Total Edition(s): 1
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