Marco Stocco, an Italian artist born in Palmanova (Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italia) March 24, 1970, living between Italy and Brasil (Bahia). Self-taught, from an early age, he begins to show an interesting curiosity for drawing following his creative impulse. He begins the first figurative works in which he often represents women and face of his own imagination. In 2009 he creates Orfeo a contemplative and imaginary character channeling fragments and sensation perceived in certain moments of his own artistic progress to Orfeo Whith Orfeo he begins to create a collection of works "Orfeo ...artistic tastings" where he rapresents the imaginary throught painting. Orfeo represents the soul of imaginary, contemplative, trascendent and optimistic character with quite a vital energy. Orfeo's wine represents the blood and the ancient origin of the history of humanity. Orfeo is the feeling of my (our) being in vibration with our own intuition. Marco Stocco
Creations: 41
Volume: 3.000
Collected: 0
Volume: 0.000


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