PukuHellBoy Mandala Birthday Edition

PukuHellBoy Mandala Birthday Edition Pukusaludos para todos y todas hoy es mi 39 Pukumpleaños y por ser está fecha tan especial para mí, decidí crear hoy mismo esta obra, es un autorretrato fotografico inspirado en HellBoy - PukuGreetings to all, today is my 39 PukuBirthday and because this is such a special date for me, I decided to create this work today, it is a photographic self-portrait inspired by HellBoy and well here it is, it will be a NFT series. My art work is about my alien alter ego. 2021 by @nahupuku - Nahu Padilla Extreme art from a tortured soul from a tortured land but bless artwork with pure energy of god´s race of love and mercy

Collection: PukuHellBoy

Creator:  @nahupuku

Total Edition(s): 1

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nahupuku 1 Limited Reproduction 666 SWAP.HIVE ($0.000)