RED 9 - Videoart - 2021

Creator: @nahupuku
RED 9 - Videoart - 2021 VideoArt that I made with my PukuDrumz - 1 By NahuPuku My freak pukuexperiments with My drumset and some cool apps that I mix for get this crazy digital art. Creando un videoarte utilizando mi batería / Pukuinstrumento músical para generar arte abstracto - Estroboscopic App - YouCut App - Papel Celofán rojo / Red cellophane The flashing lights turn on and off because I made a sound config in the stroboscopic app, and then the final video, was recorded on a red cellophane paper, later I edited the speeds and I mix with others noise filters. The music was made in: CD-ROMantic App Read more
Collection: VideoArt that I made with my PukuDrumz
Total Edition(s): 1
List Price: 50 SWAP.HIVE