Pig Monkey

This work is an Alexei x Mama Nikki. (nikkinicole) collaboration. Alexei did the art, Mama Nikki did the digitizing. From the artist: This is a picture of a pig monkey. He never eats or drinks; he just climbs all day long. Inspired by @richartdfyates, we'll be pricing this at just 4 hive which is about a cup of coffee. I loved the idea for a cheap NFT because when I was first getting into the NFT space, I had no idea what I was doing and lost so much money on bids, gas fees (on ETH networks), failed wallets, wrongly done transfers, etc. I love the idea of having cheap NFTs out there that allow you to test the waters and start a collection without shelling out real money. Also! All the money goes to 5yo artist, Alexei, who is trying desperately to make enough for a transformer toy at 7-11. You're supporting his art dreams and his commercial lust simultaneously (so it all evens out in the end). Plus, you get this amazing, high quality, massive mp4 file of a pig monkey. Unlockable content includes GIF version. Read more
Collection: Alexei x Mama
Total Edition(s): 40
List Price: 1 SWAP.HIVE