TLOI - Manifesto

I wish to propose a fellowship which any individual can join, but which is joined silently in the depths of your heart. Perhaps you are already part of it, since its members are all those souls that are one way or another shifting away their attention and power from the centralised corrupt structures of today, and who are through all sorts of small and big steps changing their relation to these constructs. The alternative communities that are flourishing across the different continents, the world of crypto attempting to restore financial sovereignty to the individual backed by a philosophy that is Pro-Humanity, instead of Pro-Slavery. Symbiotic Capitalism. Those reading deeper into the metaphors of their respective religions and transcending the oppressive narratives that used it to oppress your soul into a hell of materialistic divisive religiosity instead of liberating your soul into the virtues of humanity. Those dropping out of mainstream culture, and deciding to culture themselves through their own curiosity and passions, and through the sharing of their individual explorations creating a true enriching culture in which we all can be elevated by each other and deepen our understandings. Do you resonate to these words? Are you already a part of the Invisibles? Just as there are toxic fraternities that live in secret trying to accumulate power against humanity. Join the fellowship of the Invisibles where your only obligation is to be in service of the sovereignty of the individual and sovereignty of humanity. There is only one symbol that you can use and choose to carry and that is just a mirror. It can be in any shape or form, a small round mirror button on the shirt, a mirror patch. Why a mirror? Because it is to remind the other, to recognise and treat the one in front as none other than his own self. We the Invisibles recognise that each individual human being is just a mirror to ourselves, we do not see ideologies, we do not see beliefs, we do not see colour, or race. But we see flesh, we see blood, we see heart pumping in that chest, we see myself dressed merely in different dress. You can choose to spread the message of the League of the Invisibles for yourself, you can recruit others to join our ranks, and remember joining our ranks is not done by carrying a title, or even claiming to be an Invisible, it is merely by virtue of acting upon the facets of your life that are in your power in which you are cultivating sovereignty or self-sufficiency. No matter where you stand, rich or poor, famous or unknown, young or old, you might be one of the Invisibles. All the revolutions of the past failed because we allowed ourselves to attack in a centralised manner as if we were something outside of the walls of the system, trying to crumble its defenses to get through and make a change to it. BUT we are actually the Trojan Horse, because we are the very lifeblood of that SYSTEM, we are already inside of it, we do not need to waste time trying to infiltrate it, so that we can make a change, simply start operating in the way the system should be operating, and the centralised super power monopolies will soon be out of resources. I see one fundamental realisation dawning in many separate individuals, and that is that where we stand today has come by giving away our power and responsibilities over to others in return for a certain degree of comfort or to afford oneself the luxury of being able to live in voluntary ignorance. Those of you riding the wave of this contemplation and taking actions to restore your own sovereignty, welcome to the League of the Invisibles. You are the Heroes of the Future, You are the Revolution that is Not Televised. You are the wave of silent weeds climbing and vining itself through the vast plethora of this crumbling world, you represent those holding on to the foundation stones of true value that will remain standing as the superficial rotten infertile stones where we choose not to grow just crumble apart. __________ A special NFT-ART Token commemorating the founding of this timeless brotherhood, who has no leader, no following, no structure, no boundaries. A Virus that is Legion, here to restore symbiosis among our heavily parasited ecosystems. Read more
Collection: Cryptomaniac Expressions
Total Edition(s): 2