Hodling D4rkness - MUSIC NFT

A theme for those riding the Currents of Hodl through the dark bowels of crashing value, hodling hard until that dark bottomless pit rises up again to the heavens. This is the soundtrack to those moments where we HODL in darkn4ss..----- This was the base composition I created inititally and then used to create the song Gaia on my Inner Planetarium Album, which uses a modified version of this beat I made. The Video is actually from a recording in which I was playing snippets of the drum and bass tracks I had made on the Elektron Digitakt before sending them to the MPC to create the song that you are hearing.------ This is a Private Mint- In terms of rights you can publicly display this in your collection. This track is inaccessible anywhere else except for the tokens, you also receive as owner of the token access to a Music Folder where you will receive access to all Tracks from my "Forgotten Sounds Collection" for your private listening pleasure, you may not upload those tracks onto the internet or share them, they are for your private pleasure. These tracks will not be made into any other tokens, except for the possibility in the Future of a deluxe Single-Mint Token that grants the Full Commercial Rights to the Track which will be sold at a very very high price!!!!! If you wish to share the music then please share the link to the token in your collection, this will increase the value of YOUR collection by making it an attractive space to access exclusive rare music that can't be streamed anywhere else, as an ARTIST I boycott all centralised and major monopolies, my music is not on youtube, not on spotify, not on soundcloud, nada, only here in the Tokens at Nftshowroom.---- Read more
Collection: Forgotten Sounds Collection
Total Edition(s): 4
List Price: 20 SWAP.HIVE