L0st 1n The S✬nds Of Crypto

An ode to the vast desert landscape that is crypto. A virtual world in which treasures are to be found underneath the sands but also illusionary Fata-Morganas of Deception. ------------------------- This Edition grants you the right to use the track only for your personal use and for display in your public collection. My music is not available for streaming anywhere except through my tokens. This is to add value to the owners collection by making it the only place from which the song can be streamed. You gain download access to every song that gets added to the "Forgotten Sounds Collection" through the unlockable section as time goes on, link is to a dropbox folder in which songs will be added as the collection grows. If you wish to share, share the link to the token, this is for your own sake as a collector if you wish to maintain the tokens value. ------------------- The "Forgotten Sounds Collection" is a series in which I will publish all of my songs that do not belong to a defined album concept. Oddities, Uniques, Specials, Favorites, Raw/Improvised stuff. -------------- No other "Private"Mints will be made of this Track, I might produce a Single-Mint with Full-Commercial Rights in the Future though which will be sold for a very very high price. Read more
Collection: Forgotten Sounds Collection
Total Edition(s): 4
List Price: 10 SWAP.HIVE