Sipping Coffee from a Skull - NFT

---Each Soul is a quantum entangled fractal of the greater oversoul of this universe. Each Soul creates his own smaller reality, yet all of these realities are in a constant state of interconnection and exchange with those of others. The Potential so to speak for Humanity, is the possibility of raising its awareness during this time of distress into the realization of this Truth.--- This is the 2nd Token in Order. --- This Album is an entire concept around the theme of death, my father passed away 2010 at age of 18, throwing me into a deep quest for meaning. I was dedicated to pierce through the shallow waters that seemed to be drowning me, this led to 10 years of exploration, a mindfuck trip through psychotic psychedelic fuelled endeavours, examining the different spiritual practices and applying them viguruously, finally finding alchemy, where the chaos settled and order began to be born. --- Only Token-Owners can claim a download of the full album, featured in the unlockable section of the token, should link expire or break then contact:! Unless someone is willing to pay the ridiculous Bandcamp price(1337€) where it is merely featured as portfolio piece of my work. No further NFT versions will be ever created, one token for each Track on the album. Meaning in total 4 tokens. Each Token gives you the full commercial rights to that specific track. --- Read more
Collection: Pale Horse- Rare NFT-Album Concept
Total Edition(s): 1