Climatic Clematis

----The Clematis that did the professional modelling for this photo is a citizen of my little garden realm.----Spiral of Creation, Milky Way Galaxy, Planets swirling around traveling stars. Souls attracting mass, mass attracting soul. Falling in Love, Love Falling. The Wish of Creation the True Wish of God was: The Wish of Love Arising without words in his heart, despite knowing only oneness, wishing for this love that was arising to be shared". God did not create the universe, love did, in the fulfillment of that wish. This Universe is That Wish unfolding in eternal fulfillment. Everything unfolds according to this wish, nothing is in anybodies control. Not even Gods. By making this wish, he lost all control, and instead created all that is! Reflections of himself, eternally sharing the wholeness of each other with one another, Yet some of these reflections have not yet realized this is the Wish or Truth that Life Runs on! They are trying to fulfill all sorts of wishes, yet never feeling fulfilled. Not Realizing they are living in the eternal fulfillment of the wish they never knew they made. This is the Stone of the Wise, The River of Milk and Honey, The Nectar of the Gods, The Divine Amrita, The Logos, Divinity, Love, Truth. Read more
Collection: XIII - Alchemical Rosarium
Total Edition(s): 1