"Robo Visitor" by Richard F. Yates (HP)

[Sharpie on notecard with digital embellishments and color.] The idea that living creatures could make the journey through wormholes or other massively dangerous methods of intergalactic travel is fairly obscene. The humans on Earth have even sent robotic explorers to other planets (and various cosmic objects) to map and test the environmental makeup of these places. The most likely PHYSICAL visitor to our own sphere would most probably be a mechanical and/or synthetic bot created to withstand the massive forces involved in near-lightspeed travel or traversing wormholes and whiteholes and all them other holes, OR to survive the thousands of years of travel between solar systems at sub-light speeds. Enter Herbert. He's a decent fellow for a silicon based lifeform... Tell him the Holy Fool said, "Hi," if you see him peeping in your windows at night! ---Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool) Read more
Collection: NEW GENESIS
Total Edition(s): 1