"Carl Does a Bad Thing" by RFY & Mr. O.

[Digital drawing by RFY (HF). Words by the enigmatic Mr. O.] My good friend, who is definitely not made up, Mr. O., did some "speed poetry" based on this drawing. Here's what he wrote: Speed Poetry 01 Carl suffered the blows from multiple cops. A foot to the ribs and a fist to the chops. He was dragged to the station so he could not run, to be processed and think about what he had done. The interrogation went just as you would expect, torturing Carl (off camera) as one would every suspect. Three officers grilled him for 11 hours straight, to punch out a confession and to get out their hate. Carl asked for a lawyer, but his request they ignored, as they beat him until the interrogators were bored. The worst kind of scum was arraigned the next day. The judge asked Carl if he had something to say. Carl, in pain, timidly raised his left hand, he then slowly hobbled to the stand. Barely alive and with all of his might, Carl said, “It is true; I had a burned-out license plate frame light.” Epilogue: Carl was sentenced to a softly-worded request to fix the tiny light on his license plate and a $15 fine. As he exited the courtroom, Carl could not help but see the looks of vile disgust on his arresting officers’ faces. One of the cops dragged his index finger across his throat slowly while staring at him. (12 mins, 50 secs). ---Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool) & Mr. O. (Words used with permission!) Read more
Collection: Post-Apocalypse ARTZ (on NFTS)
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