"New Wave Dragon (Portrait)" by RFY (HF)

[Paint pen and metallic marker on reclaimed cardboard with digital embellishments and filter freaking!] We've talked about this before (you and me), that I was very against "filters" and processing effects because I thought they were lazy. Once I "found filters" (and let digital embellishment into my life), I discovered that making the effects work in a specific way, so that your art looks like how you WANT it to look takes time and tweaking and (let's face it) WORK. In the case of THIS piece, I used that drawing on cardboard for a different piece, which I colored digitally in an old, no-longer-supported app. This time, I took the drawing and photographed it at a different angle (since the ink was metallic, the light hit the camera differently when the image was slanted), but I wanted a very cartoony look to the final image. It took me more than an hour of looking through different filters (I had to download a NEW one) to get the texture that I was hoping for. In the end, the image looks pretty cool. I'm happy! And, I think it looks different enough that I'm comfortable minting a second version. (Your thoughts???) ---Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool) Read more
Collection: Post-Apocalypse ARTZ (on NFTS)
Total Edition(s): 1