"Rowdy Randy" by Richard F. Yates (HF)

[Ink on reclaimed cardboard with digital embellishments and color.] He's a nasty piece of work, sometimes... Might be the green skin. Might be the high forehead. Might be the fact that his name means "horny" in some cultures (and, you know, green skin---might make it tougher for him to find a willing partner...) Whatever the reason---he can be harsh. A bit. Bites huge chunks of flesh out of people's bodies and that sort of thing... I mean, not everybody, but enough times that he has a reputation... But he's not ALL bad... He's got a heart of copper. (Not exactly gold, but it does conduct electricity pretty well...) ---Richard F. Yates (Holy Fool) Read more
Collection: Trash for Life (In the Haunted Honeycomb)
Total Edition(s): 1