Fun With Animals

Life is fun with animals is about how nature and animals can make our lives full. We recently got gerbils, and were told that we got two females. So, for two months, we assumed both gerbils were female. However, my daughter had nightmares about one of the gerbils being male, and impregnating it's female sister. So, yesterday, to calm her nerves, I checked the sex of the gerbils. Sure enough, Willow the bigger gerbil turned out to be a male! So all last night we wondered if Mocha was already pregnant. We started making plans for their eventual babies, but my daughter is still horrified by the idea of her gerbil turning out to be a male.... I'm just thinking it will be fun with baby gerbils. I always wanted a zoo.

Collection: Absurd Portraits

Creator:  @stellabelle

Total Edition(s):   5

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stellabelle 4 Limited Reproduction 200 SWAP.HIVE ($0.000)
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