Being Ignored

Being ignored is worse than being trolled. No one wants to be invisible. This is how I feel when my ideas are ignored by the “in” crowd. Like many of my art pieces, I didn’t know I was going to express my emotions. It just emerges in art. I’ve tried various coping strategies to deal with being ignored, but each time it happens, a deep darkness overcomes me, and I feel like hiding in a corner. The feeling of being ignored is like a thick black oozey liquid that pours into every crevice of my body. About the process: This video started its life as a Snapchat video using Augmented Reality filters. Then it was imported into Tik Tok. I edited and remixed the elements in iMovie, and created the sound effects using a variety of techniques like reversing sounds, and adding effects like cathedral, etc. Read more
Collection: Shinpai
Total Edition(s): 2