Dark silhouette

Creator: @yanes94
This is my second work in my Midnight Dreams series, in which at that time I was between asleep and awake (again) trying to play some games of SPT so as not to sleep, it was after 3am and I was already surrendered to sleep when at On the side of my bed where my mirror is, I felt that they were looking at me... I just turned to look and it was when I could see a silhouette in the dark. By the contour of the body was a woman, in my mirror I did not reflect, I only saw that dark figure that moved its head from one side to the other... the strangest thing about it is that in this dream I did not feel fear, I was very calm seeing that figure in the mirror until little by little it was distorted and I could no longer see it or maybe it was just that I woke up... or was it that maybe I fell asleep? Read more
Collection: Midnight Dreams
Total Edition(s): 3
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