Lovely Coincidence

This scene really existed in real life. Well, not quite like that. But it felt like it. On a beautiful spring Sunday, I went for a walk by the lake with my wife and the dog. We stayed there for a very long time, so that we could admire the sunset in the evening. My wife and I stood on a footbridge as the sun set, while we embraced each other tenderly. The sun tickled our cheeks as we did so. Even through our closed eyelids, the warm light touched our eyes, and for a moment it felt as if this was the light of our love. This was enough inspiration for this painting. :-) I painted it entirely in GIMP. Painting dimensions: Width: 3200 Pixels Height: 1800 Pixels DPI: 300

Collection: Digital paintings

Creator:  @quantumg

Total Edition(s): 1

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quantumg 1 Limited Reproduction 20 SWAP.HIVE ($0.000)