Splinterlands (SPS) "Play2Earn" as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). Splinterlands is one of the first NFT-based crypto games, a digital collectible trading card game on the Hive blockchain, which became the number #1 crypto game in 2021 in terms of daily active users. Also in 2021, on July 27th, Splinterlands launched its governance token SPS and the longest airdrop in crypto history so far. Holders of Splinterlands cards and items are receiving an airdrop over the course of 365 days, one whole year. Splinterlands originally launched as "Steem Monsters" in 2018, but later changed its name to Splinterlands and transitioned to the Hive blockchain due to the hostile takeover of Steemit Inc. and subsequent hard fork to Hive. For every element (Fire, Water, Earth, Life, Death, Dragon, Neutral) in Splinterlands there is one token of this NFT minted making a total of 7 editions. This cryptoart is a Deep Dream AI-generated drawing featuring the official Splinterlands logo. Limited Edition. Only 7 Tokens available. License: Full-Commercial / Limited Reproduction Rights Read more
Collection: Crypto
Total Edition(s): 7
List Price: 49 SWAP.HIVE